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Flexible Pipe Laying Solutions

Mob: 07967347953

It is the perfect solution for installing all sorts of pipe including coil piping, polypipe, ducting up to 2100mm and high-tensile steel .  It offers an effective, efficient and safe solution for  safe transportation and handling of piping.

It can be used for open trench, directional drilling, pumps, fencing, plumbing, golf course drainage, land reclaiming, wells and water filtration to name but a few. It perfectly suits all ground conditions. 

  • Strong and durable - galvanized, no rust!

  • 3 models - 1670mm, 1800mm and Pro 2100mm reflecting the horizontal table width on which coils of pipe are dispensed

  • 1 man operation - 1Km/Hr capacity

  • No maintenance, no wastage.

  • Easily transported and stored - towed by a quad

  • Can handle coils of up to 2100mm

  • Custom options available to take a range of pipes and ducting.

The perfect solution for farmers, digger drivers, groundsmen, greenkeepers and anyone else involved in flexible pipelaying or drainage. 

Nationwide Delivery to UK and Ireland.

Zero VAT for ROI customers who are VAT registered. 

Easi-Reel is an innovative engineering solution to laying down flexible piping. It is a self-loading coil pipe trailer that has been designed to save you time and money, making the task easy yet very effective. It is rugged, simple to set up and use and to store afterwards. 


Watch the video to give you an idea of Easi-Reel in action.

Contact Easi-Reel now to discuss your piping needs and for a quick quote! 

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Farmer Phil says...

"I'm well impressed with this yoke!"

Watch his review here..

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Easi-Reel endeavours to produce its reels to the highest standards. They are designed for site and field use only. If intending for road-use, the owner needs to ensure that it complies with local road use requirements.

Bespoke items cannot be returned.

Mob: 07967347953

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Greetings from Coleraine, Northern Ireland. Our family has extensive experience installing land drainage systems at our loamy soiled home farm. We are prone to flooding and found that good drainage is critical to successful plant growth. Putting drainage pipes down each year requires a lot of effort. Easi-Reel is the solution to our problems and we think it will help you too, to save time and money.

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